Thursday, March 29, 2007

Intro: When I was born & stuff

SO my name is Hannah and I am 14, almost 15. I live somewhere California, I am NOT telling you where I live sorry. I was born July 6, 1992 in a blue hospital. yep. oh i want to be a marine biologist when i am finished w/ college and stuff. I just really LOVE the ocean. i am in 9th grade and i want it to be summer because it is my fav season. my fav movies are all the ones i like, because they are all good. i read harry potter, but i am not a geek. they are just good books. i am currently working on a fanfic for the website called mugglenet. it wont be that good, but u can check it out. my user name there is hannahabbot2007. dont ask till u read the bio on it. pretty much this blog is random, so u can say random stuff back to me. lol. well... salut!! (thats french for bye)